Karoliina Paatos: American Cowboy

Artist: Karoliina Paatos
Publisher: The Angry Bat
Design: The Angry Bat
Release date: 2016
Pages: 120
Language: English
ISBN: 978-961-93414-4-5

Year: 2016
Dimensions: 29 x 23 cm (K x L)

Location: Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (Yrjönkatu 8-10, 00120 Helsinki)

Karoliina Paatos photographed the American Cowboy while living for long periods of time among the ranching community in the western part of the United States. Besides being a description of modern cowboy life, the book is also a personal expedition to the cowboy culture, which has interested Paatos since her childhood’s interest for Western films.

American Cowboy is a Finnish Photobook Award 2017 finalist.


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