Laura Vainikka: A Frame (no 2)

Edition: Ed 1/1
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 21 x 26.5 cm (K x L)
Framed (Oak veneer frame, museum glass)

The work is for sale only in the online store and is part of a series from the exhibition:
Photographic gallery Hippolyte

Laura Vainikka’s exhibition (a)Fantasy is a spatial entity consisting of copper etchings, light, and soot. The ensemble on display in Photographic Gallery Hippolyte is a continuation of Vainikka’s series of solo exhibitions, Amateur Observatory (Amatöörin Observatorio), which started in 2019. Currently on display is the fourth part of the series.

The works in the exhibition deal with seeing and the experience of perception, as well as the topics of light and image. In her works, Vainikka reflects on how the aforementioned themes relate to touch, matter, and physicality.

In Vainikka’s prints, the image plays a minor role in many ways as the working processes are not based on pictorial references. However, the origins of Vainikka’s working methods are tied to the tradition of visual imitation* of traces. With this, the works of the exhibition also approach the theme of reproduction and multiplication associated with photography.