Maija Tammi: Hulda/Lilli

Photographs: Maija Tammi
Graphic design: Ville Tietäväinen ja Maija Tammi
Texts: Juhani Karila and Maija Tammi
Language: English
Reprography: Asko Rokala
Publisher: Kult Books
Released: March 2023
Edition: 300
Printing: Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda, Estonia
ISBN: 978-91-987606-6-8

Year: 2023
Dimensions: 26 x 2 x 22 cm (P x K x L)

The book Hulda/Lilli examines empathy through storytelling. The work is an inventive human experiment, which aims to draw out an emotional reaction and encourages readers to probe into the making of their feelings. The book can be read from both ends, or both beginnings, which offers two paths with different perspectives. One path depicts the story of a predator and the other of a prey. In the middle the paths and protagonists meet – who will you empathise with?


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