Anni Leppälä: hyle | curtain | backrop

Anni Leppälä: hyle | curtain | backrop
Photographs: Anni Leppälä
Layout: Anni Leppälä, Liisa Seppo, Tuomo Rainio
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag
Release date: September 2019
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-3-86828-942-8

Year: 2019
Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 cm (K x L)

Location: Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (Yrjönkatu 8-10, 00120 Helsinki)

The book compiles Anni Leppälä’s photographs from 2002–2019 and forms an immersive world for the reader to dive in. The themes of the book, typical for Leppälä’s photographic art, are time, memories, loss and the world of early teenage girlhood. The elegant looking book holds the reader in its grip, as each spread opens with a new kind of graphic appearance. Leppälä’s many familiar photographs get a new interpretation in the book. The book is temptingly saturated with colour and it forms a breathing whole, nuanced in its imagery and execution,

hyle | curtain | backrop is a Photobook Award 2019 finalist.


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